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Shameless (US)


Season: 4
Episode: 12
Air date: 6 April 2014

Sheila fights for custody of the Native American kids and clashes with Sammi about where they will all live once Frank is released. Lip catches up on bills with the money he got from Amanda's parents. Fiona, meanwhile, passes a drug test, gets sprung from jail and lands a job at Patsy's Pies with the help of her parole officer. Also, a more cognizant Frank begins to feel like his old, troubled self.

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23-03-2014 S04E10 Liver, I Hardly Know Her Search Binsearch
30-03-2014 S04E11 Emily Magnet Link Download torrent Search Binsearch
06-04-2014 S04E12 Lazarus Search Binsearch
11-01-2015 S05E01 Milk of the Gods Search Binsearch
18-01-2015 S05E02 I'm the Liver Search Binsearch

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